High-Tech, High-Wisdom: General Admission

On-line version of the 2-day Immersive Course that took place in Miami-FL coming soon

The course promotes the integration of knowledge in a transcontextual way, reinforcing the leader’s ability to think critically and analytically across different contexts or situations, exposing participants to interdependencies between three main contexts.


  • The Future is High-Tech: Explore trends for the future, mainly the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) for humanity in general and on energy and healthcare in particular, as well as the role of leaders in fostering corporate culture in times of rapid tech change.
  • The Self is High-Wisdom: Define wisdom and learn how to develop it to lead self and others. Understand how to build coherence from diverse generational perspectives, and the mental health benefits of connecting to higher purpose and raising awareness.
  • Innovation is Nature-Positive: Look into the main elements of innovation, including the power of narratives and the definition of complexity, to understand and explore the benefits of biomimicry for innovation, as well as discuss the landscape for well-being in cities.



$1,520.00 USD