Our Mission is to bridge innovation, practice and purpose to inspire leaders to transform organizations co-creating an impact economy


Briyah Institute is a Benefit Corporation (B Corp) established in the State of Florida with a global outreach.

Driven by a systemic approach, Briyah Institute explores interconnections and offers tangible contributions in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, digital transformation, sustainable development, resilience, and the impact economy.

We believe in establishing strategic alliances with companies and organizations to design solutions for the complex socioeconomic and environmental challenges of the 21st century.

Our Values


is the foundation of innovation, life force in action



collectively we are stronger and more impactful


as we embrace change and align with a higher purpose we evolve


people and planet are interconnected, interdependent in fellowship with one another

Our Team

Pedro Suarez

Board Member

Jocelyn Cortez-Young

Board Member

Maria Sanchez-Carlo

Board Member

Gisela Abbam

Board Member

Marcos Leal

Board Member

Felipe Arango

Board Member


Monica Jain

Board Member

Mariana Sokolowski

Board Member 

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