Three pillars for Co-Creation


With creativity we generate great ideas for new approaches and solutions to be implemented and create value


We are systems within systems and we learn and expand from applying best methods, experiencing, connecting, and interacting


Awareness and consciousness come from attuning to your inner self and connecting to a higher goal

A message from our Founder

We are living in an unprecedentedly fast changing world. The global pandemic accelerated the process of digital transformation that was already in place with the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) as framed by the World Economic Forum (WEF), and exposed the need for practices in all areas of society that restore and promote health in all dimensions, from the individual, to the organizational, all the way to the planetary level.

In the organizational level, businesses were already shifting towards a more purposeful trajectory with specific initiatives and movements such as BCorp (2006), Impact Investing (2007), Conscious Capitalism (2013), UN SDG (2015), and now the ESG — environmental, social and governance — agenda (2019) has been more demanded by investors and asset managers. Leaders have been pressured to adhere to this agenda and businesses of all sizes and areas, as well as startups, have the potential to drive more positive impact if the intention and goal is present.

Not only is the world more complex, but having greater understanding of the interconnectedness of our actions and applying a systems thinking approach to decision-making in all levels will empower leaders and organizations to deliver more meaningful and impactful results.

Count on Briyah to help with that! 


Adriana Machado

Founder, Briyah Institute

Leadership Development

Take your career and personal journey to the next Level with the “CEO Meet & Master” Program: An introduction to systems thinking which allows you to reflect upon purpose as well as the pressing challenges and opportunities in the future ahead. It is dedicated to individuals interested in learning from the experiences of C-Suite professionals, and eager to create value for all stakeholders.

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