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EpisodeĀ 12

On this episode, we discuss how to lead from within and discover the power of self-awareness in leadership. How to liberate leaders from seeking external validation, and freeing themselves from pride, or fear, and enhancing their effectiveness.

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EpisodeĀ 11

On this episode, we discuss sustainability.Ā  Is it a mindset or a lens with which we see the world, be in it and act upon it? What is the connection between sustainability and leadership? What is it that leaders must be more aware of?


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EpisodeĀ 10

On this episode, we discuss the role of spiritual guidance in business, how to get empowered by it, how to create a successful journey deeply rooted in principles that anchor the business practice and offer guidance to day-to-day decision-making.

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Embrace your Journey #32

Feelings shape customer experience and leadership. Understanding emotions enhances value propositions and mental health awareness.


Embrace your Journey #31

The profound connection between wisdomĀ and leadership, and capacityĀ of being creative and lead others to the unknown


Embrace your Journey #30

What is Warm Data? How to be transcontextual. Learn from Nora Bateson, and others. Living is learning and learning can be intentional.


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