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Episode 9

On this episode, we discuss corporate culture, how to create a strong and effortless corporate culture in times of rapid technological transformation. How CEOs can turn into real business owners and not mere operators.

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EpisodeĀ 8

On this episode, we discuss evolution with abundance. Is it even possible? How to get there? What is the superfomula? How bio math can help us innovate and tackle complexity.


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Episode 7

On this episode, we discuss the definition of leader, phases of leadership, the challenge of being a young leader, and the wisdom that you get to after decades of taking leadership positions.

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Embrace your Journey #31

The profound connection between wisdomĀ and leadership, and capacityĀ of being creative and lead others to the unknown


Embrace your Journey #30

What is Warm Data? How to be transcontextual. Learn from Nora Bateson, and others. Living is learning and learning can be intentional.


Embrace your Journey #29

Seeing renewal in everything. Learning about Biomimicry and it's potential for innovation. Undestanding and developing High-Wisdom.


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