CEO Meet & Master Program

The Future of Leadership in an Impact Economy


Ideal for Directors and Senior Managers Aiming for the C-Suite 


Benefits for Participants

What you will learn

Practical tips for stepping up as a leader and making a positive world impact while advancing in your career, as told from current and former CEOs

The difference between traditional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and driving social and environmental impact (ESG) as part of the core business with inspiring insights on how to go beyond the basic corporate practice

Understanding systems thinking as a much needed framework for making decisions in times of rapid change, and as a means to which enable collaboration for innovation and prosperity

About the Program

Briyah Institute’s “CEO Meet & Master” Program aims to inspire you to embrace your leadership journey right now, right where you are.

We start by offering you an introduction to systems thinking and setting the stage based on what CEOs and other C-Suite executives see from their vantage point. We invite you to start identifying your purpose in life and offer you insights as to how to align with that purpose so that you can be in harmony with what you do and with what your organization does, as well as how to collaborate to unleash innovation and bring forth wellness and prosperity to individuals, organizations, and society at large.

Included with the Program

Content Access

Access "The Future of Leadership in an Impact Economy" on your own time (asynchronous) as long as this platform exists.


Exclusive LinkedIn Group Membership

Join our community of instructors and other course participants upon completing the program

Downloadable Workbook

Put knowledge at work by completing our supplemental exercises (asynchronous)

Program Certificate

Receive a certificate upon joining our 4 live sessions (synchronous -- check next cohort calendar) and completing the program

Learn from C-Suite Executives

Get an understanding of systems thinking and how to apply it to your career and life as you reflect upon relevant topics and interact with other leaders to get different perspectives of the challenges and opportunities in the future ahead


Program Content

Part 1: Kick Off

  • Opening Remarks —The Future of Leadership: Why? How? What?
  • Keynote — Systems Thinking: An Introduction
  • Fireside Chat — What is it like to be a CEO in the 21st Century? 
  • Entrepreneurship, Design & Thinking — Complexity Science: Solutions to 21st Century Problems

Part 2: It All Starts with the Purpose

  • Be(ing) the Change You Want to See in the World
  • Focusing on all Stakeholders: From Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to Impact

Part 3: Applying the Best Practices & Unleashing Innovation

  • Case Study: City of Miami Strategic Plan
  • How to Integrate Complex Adaptive Systems, Innovation and Collaboration for Impact?

  • Wrap-Up: Mastering the Journey of Leadership & Building the Impact Economy

Here's a view of the asynchronous content with presentation slides, takeaways, and much more...

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