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“Amazing experience and inspiration… You are modeling what a healthy system looks like… A beautiful beginning has opened new paths toward flourishing! You have disrupted the system :)” — Ina Gjikondi, Director, Executive Education & Coaching @ GW Center for Excellence in Public Leadership

“Congratulations on an excellent event!! It was great to learn, network and reconnect with executives. Sign me up for the next ones! — Rodrigo Martins, Managing Director @ RPM Capital Investments, formerly President & CEO @Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

“Innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship are in the air that we breathe. What happened in the classroom has the power to change lives, organizations, and the world. #10yearsfromnow” — Ana Claudia Esteves, Sponsor Manager for Business, Science and Technology @ Petrobras

“Briyah Institute is doing an amazing work in creating conversations about social entrepreneurship, and about leadership that is authentic and sustainable. A systemic approach should be the focus of any company that seeks to make a sustainable impact in its own organization.” — Ana Paula Ferreira-Nunez, Communications Director, Latin America @ Boeing

“CEO Meet & Master was a great event, packed with so much knowledge and great speakers, offering a unique balance between content and interactive sessions. In short: offering a compact source of inspiration” — Flavia Goldenberg, Founder @ SIS Intelligence, formerly Sustainability Services Manager for Latin America @ Schneider Electric

“How amazing, mindful and pleasant was CEO Meet & Master!!! Wonderful participants level and productive networking with focus on purpose not only business” — Marcio P. Pyrrho Almeida, MBA, Business Development Director - USA @ LinkActiv Group


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