Three pillars for Co-Creation


With creativity we generate great ideas for new approaches and solutions to be implemented and create value


We are systems within systems and we learn and expand from applying best methods, experiencing, connecting, and interacting


Awareness and consciousness come from attuning to your inner self and connecting to a higher goal

A message from our Founder

The past years have been challenging in many fronts, but as 2022 unfolds, the magic of new beginnings is at our fingertips!

Of course we can let life take us and go with the flow, conserving balance as the digital transformation continues to speed up around us, as we figure out how to manage the impacts of COVID-19, as more demand for conscious capitalism take place in terms of environmental, social and governance metrics, the so called ESG strategies. We can react to and build resilience around all those topics. But are you ready to do it in an integrated way?

At Briyah Institute we believe that practicing systems thinking and applying it to our life and work is a good way to get there. In order to change systems, we must learn to see systems, see the interconnections among these pressing topics of our times, and leverage this understanding to innovate.

We want you to thrive as a leader, so count on Briyah to help you wherever you are in your leadership journey!


Adriana Machado

Founder, Briyah Institute

Leadership Development

Take your career and personal journey to the next Level with the “CEO Meet & Master” Program: An introduction to systems thinking which allows you to reflect upon purpose as well as the pressing challenges and opportunities in the future ahead. It is dedicated to individuals interested in learning from the experiences of C-Suite professionals, and eager to create value for all stakeholders.

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